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MESA Personnel and Committees

Organizational Chart
Key Scientific Personnel
Monitoring Board

Organizational Chart

Organizational Chart..

Key Scientific Personnel

Site Type Study Site Key Personnel
Coordinating Center University of Washington Coordinating Center Robyn McClelland, PhD (Co-PI)
Richard A. Kronmal, PhD (Co-PI)
Susan R. Heckbert, MD
Bruce M. Psaty, MD
Annette L. Fitzpatrick, PhD
William T. Longstreth, MD
Kayleen Williams, MPH
Craig Johnson, MS
Field Centers Columbia University Field Center Steven J. C. Shea, MD, MS (PI)
Graham R. Barr, MD, Dr. P.H.
Benjamin M. Smith, MD, MS, FRCPC
Alan D. Guerci, MD
Daniel Rabinowitz, PhD
Alan R. Tall, MD
  Johns Hopkins University Field Center Wendy S. Post, MD (PI)
Erin D. Michos, MD, MHS
Roger S. Blumenthal, MD
Pamela Ouyang, MD
A. Richey Sharrett, MD, DrPH
Moyses Szklo, MD, MPH, Dr.Ph
  Northwestern University Field Center Norrina B. Allen, PhD(PI)
Kiang Liu, PhD (PI)
Shah, Sanjiv J.MD
Deepak K. Gupta, MD
Thomas J. Wang, MD
David Green, MD, PhD
Philip Greenland, MD
  UCLA Field Center Karol Watson, MD, PhD (PI)
Preethi Srikanthan, MD, MS
Alan M. Fogelman, MD
Antoinette S. Gomes, MD
Sameh Tadros
  University of Minnesota Field Center Aaron R. Folsom, MD (PI)
Lin Yee Chen, MD
David R. Jacobs, Jr. PhD
Michael Jerosch-Herold, PhD
Pamela J. Schreiner, PhD
James Pankow, PhD, MPH
  Wake Forest University Field Center Gregory L. Burke, MD (Study PI)
Alain G. Bertoni, MD (FC PI)
Timothy Hughes, PhD
Yongmei Liu, PhD
Jingzhong Ding, PhD
David M. Herrington, MD
William G. Hundley, MD
Central Reading/Lab/Analysis Centers University of Vermont Laboratory Russell P. Tracy, PhD (PI)
Nels C. Olson, PhD
Mary Cushman, MD
Jon Peter Durda
  Computed Tomography Reading Center
UCLA Medical Center Research and Education Institute
Matthew J. Budoff, MD (PI)
Robert C. Detrano, MD, PhD
Chris Dailing
  MRI Reading Center
Johns Hopkins University
João A. Lima, MD (PI)
Bruce Wasserman, MD
  Ultrasound Reading Center
New England Medical Center
Joseph F. Polak, MD, MPH (PI)
Daniel H. O'Leary, MD
  ECG Reading Center
Wake Forest University
Elsayed Z. Soliman, MD, MSc (PI)
  LA BioMed/Harbor UCLA Jerome I. Rotter, MD (PI)
Xiuqing Guo, PhD
Kent Taylor, PhD
  University of Virginia
Genetic Analysis Center
Stephen Rich, PhD (PI)
Josyf C. Mychaleckyj, MA, DPhil
Michele M. Sale, PhD
Ani Manichaikul, PhD
  University of Minnesota Central Lipid Lab Michael Tsai, PhD (PI)
John Eckfeldt, MD, PhD (Co-PI)
Program Office National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute Cashell Jaquish, PHD
Lorraine Silsbee, MHS
Pothur R. Srinivas, PhD, MPH


The Steering Committee is comprised of

Subcommittees include Participant Relations, Design, Laboratory, MRI, CT, Morbidity and Mortality, Operations, Publications, Ancillary Studies, and Quality Control. Subcommittees make recommendations to the Steering Committee, which finalizes decisions.

The charges to the specific committees are as follows:

Steering Committee
Participant Relations Committee
Design Committee
Operations Committee
Computed Tomography Committee
Ultrasound Committee
MRI Committee
Laboratory Committee
Morbidity and Mortality Committee
Ancillary Studies Committee
Publications and Presentations Committee

Monitoring Board

The MESA Monitoring Board has been appointed by the Director, NHLBI, to advise on the design and conduct of the study and on the analysis and interpretation of results. The Monitoring Board will meet approximately annually.

Helen P. Hazuda, PhD (Chair)
University of Texas Health Sciences Center at San Antonio
Dept. of Medicine, Div. of Clinical Epidemiology

James H. Chesebro, MD
Mayo Clinic
Division of Cardiovascular Diseases

Lewis Wexler, MD
Stanford University
School of Medicine

Kristin Newby, MD
Duke University

Carlos A. Vaz Fragoso, MD
Yale University
Veterans Affairs Medical Center

Kari North, PhD
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Department of Epidemiology and Carolina Center for Genome Sciences

Monika Safford, MD
Weill Cornell Medical College
General Internal Medicine

Phyliss Sholinsky, MSPH
Executive Secretary for Monitoring Board