MESA Ancillary Studies


Definition of an ancillary study:

1) A project that collects new data in MESA, whether directly from participants or from previously collected samples, images, or other sources (e.g., medical records).

2) A project that analyzes existing MESA data as part of a new external funding application, for which additional MESA Coordinating Center (CC) services will be requested beyond downloading of data already available on the MESA website (e.g., analysis by a CC Statistician or preparation of a unique dataset). Note: as of November, 2010, analysis-only grants involving no such additional CC services require the submission of a Manuscript Proposal form, but not an Ancillary Study Proposal Form. Submit the Manuscript Proposal form online and see MESA Publications submission details at: To check the availability of online data, please contact your MESA Sponsor.

Philosophy: MESA investigators are encouraged to consider ancillary studies and to involve other investigators, within and outside of MESA, in this process.

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